Meet Michelle Rowton, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at Healthy Kids Pediatrics

Meet Michelle Rowton, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at Healthy Kids Pediatrics

What inspired you to work at HKP and practice in a more holistic way using functional medicine?

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My personal health journey is my greatest inspiration for helping others.  I had an extremely ill childhood and young adulthood which culminated in seeing 9 traditional medical doctors in about a year who could not help me.  It then took years of research, hard work, implementing lifestyle changes, and multiple alternative physicians to reclaim my health.  My true interest has always been helping children, with an emphasis on 2 and under.  Last year I spent the year as Program Coordinator for a functional medicine office that treats mostly adults. Although I absolutely loved that rewarding job and was able to help so many, I constantly realized that so many young adults wouldn't be dealing with what I dealt with if they had been afforded a different kind of healthcare as children.  I joined Healthy Kids Pediatrics because providing children with a healthy childhood provides me with immense satisfaction. 

Please share with us anything else within your professional and personal background that would be relevant to our patients and their families. (Work experience, etc.)

 I originally started my career in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit quickly moving to neonatal transport nurse via ground and air, charge nurse, central line specialist, safety specialist, and educator.  I was afforded the opportunity to provide education to not only interns and seasoned staff but also to nurses, physicians, and respiratory therapists all around the North and East Texas areas.  Following completion of my graduate degree I worked in many Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the area as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner while spending over 800 hours of study in alternative and functional medicine areas such as nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy, methylation pathway and other genetic defects, functional blood chemistry interpretation, blood, hair, saliva, stool, and urine interpretation, and applied kinesiology.  I have actively been involved with bringing delayed cord clamping back to the delivery room in the DFW Metroplex, as well as providing inservices to nursing organizations regarding the science behind alternative birth plans. I provided one on one care privately to many patients during that time until last year when I began running a functional medicine program with as many as 150 patients in the program at any given time.  My journey is most certainly unique, but provides me with a very broad range of experiences to make me the clinician I am today. 

You are often asked to be interviewed, please share with us some of the radio shows you've been on.

I have been on shows such as the Robert Bell Scott Show on the Natural News Network, Project Socrates on Freedomizer Radio, and The Power Hour.

During the winter, what are some ways you prevent/treat cold and flu symptoms personally?

The main way I prevent cold and flu symptoms in the winter is by having high standards for the things that I put in to my body.

Year after year I see the same cycle; Halloween comes with all of its candy and sugar and within the next two weeks, winter illness season begins.  Then follows Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's day with that final wallop of sugar and illness at Easter. 

One teaspoon of sugar can affect the immune system for the next 6 hours! 

My diet is very clean with very little processed foods, little to no sugar or sugar creating foods such as white potatoes, corn, rice, or other starches, appropriately raised animals for sources of high quality protein and good fats, and lots of organic, local if available, produce. 

I schedule time for fitness with a requirement of 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night. 

My favorite products for immune support or winter illness treatment are Viracillin, Agrisept, elderberry syrup, vitamin D, oregano oil, essential oils, and colloidal silver. 

Do you have a favorite family recipe for spring?

My family very much enjoys the abundance of fresh leafy greens and herbs that come with spring! California chicken wraps are our favorite. 

I use the recipe from Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker to make gluten free tortillas, honey Dijon chicken, homemade dairy free ranch dressing, topped with fresh lettuce and avocados. Against All Grain Meals Made Simple By Danielle Walker

Although we live on acreage, our land is dedicated to our animals and we have yet to place an in ground garden. That would take heavy duty fencing to keep it safe from grazing animals. We currently shop at Mckinney Farmer's market and use our Tower Garden for growing vegetables. Our goal this spring is to finally raise our own chickens!

What would you like to say to your future patients?

One thing I have learned in my personal health journey is that I am not a protocol.  Your child is not a protocol either.  We are all unique beings that deserve to have our healthcare tailored to our own bodies, health histories, family health histories, and specific wants and needs. I also believe in letting parents parent.  The answers that I have may not be easy at times, but I hope that my patients and their families can take comfort in that I have experienced firsthand through my own journey what a journey back to health entails.  If I'm asking you to do it, I've probably all ready done it, and I know what it is I am asking from you! I take great pride in what I do and look forward to all new patients who are looking for a practice that offers care outside of the traditional practice model.

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